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Signature Moves
Bushin Goraikyaku
Guy rushes the opponent with punches and kicks.

Bushin Goraisenpujin
Guy starts with a set of punches and kicks, and then the last kick sends his opponent airborne. As the opponent is spinning in the air, Guy climbs the walls, grabs them in the air and drops them in a Bushin Izuna Drop.

Bushin Hassoken
Guy rises with an aerial combo of successive blows.

Bushin Izuna Drop
Guy flips forward, and delivers an elbow drop. With proper timing, becomes a ninja style power bomb.

Bushin Musou Renge
Guy starts the combo by kicking his opponent to a distance. He catches up from behind and does combos from side to side in a blur. He ends it by doing multiple hits through the opponent as the screen turns black for a bit, similar to when Akuma performs the Super Combo version of Shin Goku Satsu.

Bushin Senpukyaku
Guy rises with a hurricane type kick.

Guy runs forward and either stops, slides, or overhead jump kicks depending on which kick is pressed first.

Guy spins and delivers a back elbow strike.

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