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Throw Moves
Tackle +
Tackles the opponent, knocking them down.
Knee Bazooka +
Grabs the opponent, then knees them in the gut.
Belly to Belly Suplex
Wraps the opponent's arms around them in a waistlock or a bodylock position and flips him/her over b ...
Basic Moves
5 Slaps
Slaps the opponent five times
Soccer Ball Kick
Kicks the opponent like a soccer ball. (opponent must be on ground.)
Knee Kick
Leaps forward and does a knee strike.
Front Roll
Rolls forward
Jumping Smash
Performs a jumping axe-handle strike.
String Move
Combo Elbow Kick
Does two punches, an elbow strike, and a spin kick.
Special Moves
Somersault Low
Does a standing backflip kick.

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