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Signature Moves
Double Somersault Kick / Double Flash, Somersault Strike
Repeated somersault kicks.

Dragon Suplex
Guile suplexes his enemy into the pavement.

Flying Buster Drop
Guile grabs his opponent and drops straight down into a sort of backbreaker.

Flying Mare
Grab in midair and toss opponent to the ground.

Judo Throw
A basic over-the-shoulder toss.

Knee Bazooka / Knee Butt
In most games, a quick hop forward and knee strike, but in SF2 simply an alternate up-close attack with no hop.

Reverse Spin Kick
Guile performs an inverted air-sweep.

Somersault Kick / Flash Kick
Guile somersault kicks high into the air.

Sonic Boom
Guile whips his arms forward at the speed of sound creating an energy arc.

Total Wipeout
A short and sweet series of his basic attacks strung together with a flash kick on the end.

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