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Signature Moves
Comet chasing after the moon / Shooting Star
A skill which consists in containing the attack of the enemy. When Guan Yu concentrates his energy on his "Dragon and Moon Sabre", this will become a fast fatal feat. It will be even more powerful when used together with the "Sweeping Tail of Dragon".

Dragon Tail Sweep
This is Guan Yu's most sophisticated feat using his "Dragon and Moon Sabre". It consists in first jumping up and then slashing down from above. Though very powerful, this feat has a major draw back, because as the body is landing down, it will be vulnerble to attacks. So, use it only at the right moment.

Fatal Palm
A super fatal feat. Concentrate energy then seize enemy and hit six times with fling the enemy out. This is highly destructive feat.

Fling the enemy to the back. A fatal feat particularly useful when the enemy is too close to the body.

Piling / Mountain Press
Jump up and crush crush the enemy with the weight of the body. It can take the enemy by surprise.

Retuming strike
A defensive skill for the upper part of the body. It is used to check enemy coming from ahead or from above.

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