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Signature Moves
Double Jump
Second jump in the air.

Gohten / 轟天
Rolling claw attack that arcs upwards into the air.

Gokuenkai / 獄炎界
Gozu unleashes four firebombs, two on each side. Bombs themselves and explosions will hit.

Gouen Dan / 豪炎弾
A three-shot burst of burning pellets from Gozu's wrist cannon. @term=abtn@ shoots straight, @term=bbtn@ shoots up at an angle, and @term=cbtn@ shoots almost straight up.

Jaga Rangeki Shoh / 邪呀乱撃掌
Superior version of the Youen Ken, rapid strikes with gigantic energy bursts.

Low Palm Digging
Low-hitting followup to Youen Ken--can only be done if Youen Ken has hit.

Metsu Sassou / 滅殺爪
Disappearing into flames, Gozu flies down a moment later above the opponent with claws outstretched.

Mudoh Goenha / 無道牛炎波
Gozu disappears into embers and giant flaming bull-head projectiles shoot out from either side.

Mudoh Tenrinsou / 無道転輪爪
Descending spinning claw attack from the wall.

Youen Ken / 陽炎拳
Rapid flurry of hand strikes. Can follow up with extra attack on hit. This is also Gozu's guard cancel with @term=qcf@+@term=abtn@.

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