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Mortal Kombat (2011)
Special Moves
Goro faces the camera and stretches his arms outward with a grunt.
Arm Spin
Goro performs a spinning clothesline with all four of his arms.
Tremor Pound / Ground Pound, Quake
Goro slaps the ground with all four arms, causing the opponent to bounce into the air and take damag ...
Leaping Stomp / Stomp
Goro leaps up and attempts to stomp on his foe. If this move hits, he stomps on them several times b ...
Flaming Fist / Fireball, Shokan Bolt
Goro throws a punch that sends out a projectile shaped like his fist, with a flaming trail.
Goro Grab
Goro grabs his opponent with all four arms, then shoves their face to the ground with one hand, then ...
Super Moves
Crusher ++
Goro grabs his opponent with his bottom arms and squeezes their skull so hard it cracks, then tosses ...
Fatal Moves
Torn Apart (close)
Goro rips off the opponent's head, then grabs it with all four hands, splitting it into four pieces.

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