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Signature Moves
Arm Spin
Goro performs a spinning clothesline with all four of his arms.

Furious Stomp
Goro hops up and comes back down to stomp the ground, shaking it and damaging the foe if they are touching it.

Hara Kiri
Goro pulls out four sai. He jams ones held in his lower two arms into his abdomen, then shoves the other two into his eyes.

Leaping Stomp / Stomp
Goro leaps up and attempts to stomp on his foe. If this move hits, he stomps on them several times before leaping off.

Scorch Breath
Goro shoots a fireball from his mouth.

Shokan Sai
Goro pushes his foe slightly to get them to turn toward him, then pulls out four sai. He slashes the enemy across the chest in an upward motion, then stabs all four of the sai into their chest. After waiting for a moment, he takes one of the sai from the chest and stabs them in the neck with it.

Spinning Slaps
Crouching, spinning, flaming slap attack.

Goro faces the camera and stretches his arms outward with a grunt.

Torture Rack
Goro lifts his opponent in the air by the arms, with his upper arms. He then grabs their legs with his lower arms. Goro then begins pulling on each limb, causing them to each pop off of the opponent's at once. Goro heaves his opponent's limbs to the ground and stands triumphant.

Ultimate Force
Goro flings a fireball with all four arms.

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