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Signature Moves
Hikou / Flight
Sentinel is able to temporarily fly in eight directions. All of its air attacks are available in this mode. Flight is negated after a few seconds, if Sentinel is struck, if the command is repeated, or in later installments, his Hard Drive Super Move is performed.

Plasma Beam
Sentinel fires a beam of energy from its mouth.

Plasma Storm
Sentinel lets loose a massive ball of energy with smaller orbs above and below it. Mashing the buttons used to perform the attack will change the energy's color and cause multiple "waves" of the attack to occur.

Rocket Punch
Sentinel fires a tethered fist off to hit the foe with.

Sentinel Force
Sentinel summons three miniature Sentinels that fly across the screen to attack. Traditionally, the Light version is vertically controllable, whereas the Hard version has mini-Sentinels that drop bombs, and can be delayed by holding the button.

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