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Signature Moves
Air Throw
Scorpion grabs his opponent in mid-air and spins them a bit before flinging them to the ground.

Airborne Tomoe Nage / Air Throw
Whilst in the air, Scorpion grabs his opponent and flips them over his head, tossing them across the screen.

Backflip Kick / Flip Kick
Flaming backflip attack.

Demon Fire / Summon Hellfire, Hell Fire
Raising his hands, Scorpion summons the flames of Hell from the ground in the opponent's position.

Fire Breath / Death Breath, Flame Breath, Hell Breath, Toasty!
Scorpion removes his mask and reveals a hideous skull. He then turns to his opponent and releases the burning flames of Hell from his mouth, burning the clothing and flesh right off of them.

Hell Fire
A slightly longer, more damaging Demon Fire.

Spear / Bloody Spear, Harpoon, Rope Dart
Scorpion hurls a spear attached by rope at his foe. On contact, the victim is reeled in for further damage.

Takedown / Leg Scissors, Leg Takedown
Scorpion lowers himself to the ground and trips the opponent with his legs.

Teleport Jab / Teleport Punch, Teleport
Scorpion teleports off of the side of the screen and reappears on the other side with a jumping punch.

Tomoe Nage
Scorpion grabs his opponent and plants a foot in their abdomen, falling backward and flipping them over his head.

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