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Signature Moves
Airborne Tomoe Nage / Air Throw
Whilst in the air, Scorpion grabs his opponent and flips them over his head, tossing them across the screen.

Backflip Kick / Flip Kick
Flaming backflip attack.

Demon Fire / Summon Hellfire, Hell Fire
Raising his hands, Scorpion summons the flames of Hell from the ground in the opponent's position.

Fire Breath / Death Breath, Flame Breath, Hell Breath, Toasty!
Scorpion removes his mask and reveals a hideous skull. He then turns to his opponent and releases the burning flames of Hell from his mouth, burning the clothing and flesh right off of them.

Fire Breathing
Scorpion pulls off his mask and breathes fire on the foe.

Hell Fire
A slightly longer, more damaging Demon Fire.

Spear / Bloody Spear, Harpoon, Rope Dart
Scorpion hurls a spear attached by rope at his foe. On contact, the victim is reeled in for further damage.

Takedown / Leg Scissors, Leg Takedown
Scorpion lowers himself to the ground and trips the opponent with his legs.

Teleport Jab / Teleport Punch, Teleport
Scorpion teleports off of the side of the screen and reappears on the other side with a jumping punch.

Tomoe Nage
Scorpion grabs his opponent and plants a foot in their abdomen, falling backward and flipping them over his head.

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