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King of Fighters 2002, The
Throw Moves
Go Go Futen Girl (close)/+ [Preview]
Starlit Field (close)/+ [Preview]
Command Moves
At the Wasteland (in air)+ [Preview]
Senseless Chatter + [Preview]
Special Moves
Red Sky of Japonesia + [Preview]
Mad Murder Roulette + [Preview]
[Begin] Senseless Fists + [Preview]
[Begin] Formalists' Blue + [Preview]
[Begin] Citizen of the World + [Preview]
[Begin] Beyond Frames + [Preview]
[Begin] Repun Kamuy + [Preview]
[Continue] Impotent Symptom + [Preview]
[Continue] Train to See Cherry Blossoms + [Preview]
[Continue] With a Lamp For Pathway + [Preview]
[Continue] Buggy and Coffin + [Preview]
[Continue] Shelter from Storm + [Preview]
[Continue] Bye Bye Ryuugu + [Preview]
[End] Oumagatoki //+++ [Preview]
[End] Crown Under Sky + [Preview]
[End] State of Heat Haze + [Preview]
[End] Fullmoon Evening + [Preview]
[End] Beyond Frames + [Preview]
[End] Cosmic Futen Swing + [Preview]
[End] Lost Homeland + [Preview]
Super Moves
[End] Loyalty Test for Liberalists + [Preview]
Super Desperation Moves
Blue Monday Parade ++(vs air attack) [Preview]
[HSDM] Survivor's Banquet ++ [Preview]
Wind's Fairground ++(vs ground attack) [Preview]
[End] Loyalty Test for Liberalists (SDM) ++ [Preview]

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