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Signature Moves
Mongolian Dynamite / 蒙虎大發破
Mongolian Pangolin / 蒙虎穿山甲, Mongolian Blitz
In WH2J, Carn takes off at a 45 degree angle and rebounds off walls and floor at similar angles. In Perfect, travels in a stunted arc-shape and hits several times. A pangolin is an anteater-like animal which curls into a ball.

Mongolian Press
Leap forward in an arc and press down in a sitting position. Repurposed into an air command dive in Perfect.

Mongolian Strong Earth / 蒙虎大砂塵, Strong Hand Dive
Slide attack

Mongolian Super Explosive Tiger Blast / 超蒙虎爆炎弾, Fire Blast
Carn makes a short hop forward and strikes the ground, sending a stream of fire into the air. With full HERO meter, the stream then comes back down slightly further away.

Mongolian Thunder Tiger / 蒙虎雷臀, Mongolian Press
Drop straight down, indian-style.

Mongolian Tiger Crawl / 蒙虎忍這, Secret Crawl
Move forward slowly while crouching

Mongolian Tiger Flash / 蒙虎覇極道
Mongolian Triangular Tiger Recoil / 蒙虎三角跳, Triangle Jump
Standard triangle jump.

Psyche the Soul / 気合入魂, Shouting Spirit
Charges HERO Meter

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