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Signature Moves
Combination A
two punches and a kick

Combination B1
three sword slashes

Combination B2
Gohan slashes twice with his sword and rolls towards the background

Combination B3
Gohan slashes twice with his sword and rolls towards the foreground.

Double Sting
Gohan thrusts two swords directly above him.

Dragon Shot
Gohan shots Masenko blasts in rapid succession.

Energy Barrage
Gohan throws dark ki that will explode upon impact. Pressing the attack button detonates the projectile early.

Fissure Kick
Gohan moves forward at blink of an eye and strikes with his fist, despite what the name of the move suggests. Strength of attack determine location where Gohan will appear.

Stylish Buster
Gohan slashes his opponent multiple times and finishes off with a thrust.

Switch Sword
Gohan will switch between the Gold Sword and the Z-Sword. Each sword has a strength and weakness. The Gold Sword provides more mobility, impact up, and builds meter faster. The Z-Sword is more damaging, has better range, and can absorb/negate ki attacks.

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