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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Special Moves
Gold Press / Silver Press (Silver Lightan) (close)+
Lightan performs his throw attack, then flops down on the opponent with a body press.
Gold Quake / Silver Quake (Silver Lightan)
Lightan stomps the ground, causing a shockwave across the bottom of the screen.
Battleship Breaker
Lightan performs a single legged drop kick. If the kick itself hits an airborne opponent, the move c ...
Tank Slice
Lightan crouches down and performs a low shuto. This also can reflect projectiles.
Super Moves
Gold Kick / Silver Kick (Silver Lightan)
Lightan performs a lunging kick (which will likely only hit airborne foes). Upon contact, Lightan le ...
Gold Crash / Silver Crash (Silver Lightan) (air)
Lightan performs the Gold/Silver Stomp, knocking the foe into the air. He then catches them and pull ...
Gold Finger Crash / Silver Finger Crash (Silver Lightan)
This move must be performed at the exact time that Lightan grabs the enemy during the Gold/Silver Cr ...

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