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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Special Moves
Gold Press (close)+
Lightan performs his throw attack, then flops down on the opponent with a body press.
Gold Quake
Lightan stomps the ground, causing a shockwave across the bottom of the screen.
Battleship Breaker
Lightan performs a single legged drop kick. If the kick itself hits an airborne opponent, the move c ...
Tank Slice
Lightan crouches down and performs a low shuto. This also can reflect projectiles.
Super Moves
Gold Kick
Lightan performs a lunging kick (which will likely only hit airborne foes). Upon contact, Lightan le ...
Gold Crash (air)
Lightan performs the Gold/Silver Stomp, knocking the foe into the air. He then catches them and pull ...
Gold Finger Crash
This move must be performed at the exact time that Lightan grabs the enemy during the Gold/Silver Cr ...

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