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Signature Moves
Double Hammer
Green Lantern conjures twin hammer constructs that smash the opponent between them.

Green Orb
Green Lantern encapsulates the opponent in an orb construct and shrinks it, crushing them and leaving them a crumpled mess.

Judgement Hammer
Forward strike with a hammer construct.

Justice Fist
Fist construct projectile.

Lantern's Might
Green Lantern catches his foe with the glow of his ring and slams them on the other side of him. Works against standing as well as jumping opponents.

Oa's Rocket
A fast missile construct projectile. Air version can't be EX'd but flies downward diagonally.

Rocket Power
Green Lantern summons two rocket constructs above him which fly diagonally downward until they crash into one another, damaging the foe if they are hit by the detonation. Holding @term=backward@ or @term=forward@ after inputting the motion will cause them to detonate earlier or later.

Strength of Will
Overhead strike with a large hammer construct.

Summoned Hand Grip
Green Lantern conjures a large hand construct and lifts the enemy high into the air with it, then disperses the construct to drop them.

Wall Barrier
Green Lantern conjures a brick wall construct directly in front of him.

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