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Signature Moves
Atemi Nage / 当て身投げ
Geese's multi-directional counter.

Evil Shadow Smasher / Jaieken, 邪影拳
Charging blows.

Explosion Ball / エクスプロージョンボール
Hisho Nichirin Zan / 飛翔日輪斬, Flying Sawblade Slicer, Soaring Sun Slash
Geese rises into the air then slashes downwards. Like Terry's Power Dunk.

Katate Nage / 片手投げ
After holding the opponent up by their throat, Geese slams them behind.

Raising Storm / Raging Storm
Geese thrusts his hands to the floor, erecting a cage of energy about himself.

Reppu Ken / 烈風拳, Strong Wind Slash, Wind Slice
Traditionally the weak version produces a single Reppu Ken; in the hard version Geese combines two for a larger Double Reppu Ken.

Shinkuu Nage / 真空投げ
Geese's signature backwards toss, with circular arm-rotation flourish.

Shippu Ken / 疾風拳
An angled air fireball. Some have said Geese used this technique to save himself from his apparent falling death at the end of Fatal Fury. Maybe that's a joke?

Tomoe Nage / 巴投げ, Overhead Throw

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