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Basic Moves
Take Aim
Green Arrow readies a shot from his bow. This can be delayed indefinitely and he can move, duck, and ...
Special Moves
Dead On (in air)+
Fires two arrows straight down.
Stinger +
Quick ground slide.
Sky Alert +
Fires two arrows straight up.
Savage Blast +
Green Arrow hops backward and fires an explosive arrow at the ground.
Frozen Arrow +
In Justice League: Task Force, Green Arrow fires off an arrow that freezes the opponent. In Injustic ...
Burning Arrow +
Tips the next three shots from Green Arrow's Take Aim with powerful flaming arrows that cause knockd ...
Hurricane Bow +
Green Arrow twirls his bow in front of him and then ends with a strong strike.
Up Haven Blast +
Fires an explosive arrow up at an angle.
Electric Arrow +
Tips the next two shots from Green Arrow's Take Aim with electric arrows that damage more than stand ...
Super Moves
Arsenal Assault +
Green Arrow starts off by firing an explosive arrow into the ground, in an attempt to pop the oppone ...

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