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Signature Moves
Arsenal Assault
Green Arrow starts off by firing an explosive arrow into the ground, in an attempt to pop the opponent up into the air. Then, he slides under them and fires an arrow tethered to a rope, which wraps around them and slams them back down to the ground. He finishes off by flipping over the enemy whilst firing flaming arrows into them.

Dead On
Fires two arrows straight down.

Electric Arrow
Tips the next two shots from Green Arrow's Take Aim with electric arrows that damage more than standard arrows and cause momentary stagger.

Frozen Arrow
In Justice League: Task Force, Green Arrow fires off an arrow that freezes the opponent. In Injustice: Gods Among Us, it tips his next Take Aim shot with a freezing arrow.

Hurricane Bow
Green Arrow twirls his bow in front of him and then ends with a strong strike.

Savage Blast
Green Arrow hops backward and fires an explosive arrow at the ground.

Sky Alert
Fires two arrows straight up.

Quick ground slide.

Take Aim
Green Arrow readies a shot from his bow. This can be delayed indefinitely and he can move, duck, and jump (although with limited flexibility) while holding the arrow. The shot can be canceled with a dash.

Up Haven Blast
Fires an explosive arrow up at an angle.

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