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Signature Moves
Cobra Blow
Anakaris punches out with his arms in the image of a giant serpent.

Coffin Dance / Hitsugi no Mai
Drops a giant coffin at one of many locations, determined by button.

Great Tombstone / Holy Gravestone
Anakaris' lower half becomes an inverted pyramid and he flies down or diagonally down to attack.

History of the Saints / 聖者の歩み
A giant overhead axe kick.

Hole of Hell / Pit of Darkness, Naraku no Ana
An unblockable portal to the underworld.

Mummy Drop / Miira Drop
Anakaris' hands appear somewhere on screen, if they catch the opponent he wraps them up and slams them. When ES'd his hands fly out towards his opponent and he brings them into his coffin for more damage.

Pharaoh's Magic
The opponent is subjected to a series of curses.

Royal Judgement / Ouke no Sabaki
Anakaris fires a cursing projectile at his foe, leaving them without the ability to much besides walk, jump and get hit.

Spirit Disgorge / Kotodama Gaeshi (Exhale)
Anakaris can infinitely expel any projectile he has eaten.

Spirit Inhale / Kotodama Gaeshi (Inhale)
Anakaris attempts to 'eat' an incoming projectile.

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