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Samurai Shodown Series

Ken Masters (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
Natural ability is great, but it takes work to use it!
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Signature Moves
Back Stab
Galford turns invisible for a while, reappearing momentarily when he attacks.

Head Replica Attack
When hit, Galford's body is replaced by a log while he drops down from above to stab.

Machinegun Dog
Poppy runs forward and mauls the opponent, stunning them briefly.

Plasma Blade
Galford fires a burst of electric energy at his foe.

Rear Replica Attack
Galford teleports above his opponent for a drop-down slash.

Replica Dog
Poppy ninja-teleports into the air and drops down onto the opponent.

Rush Dog
Poppy charges forward for a headbutt.

Shadow Copy
Galford splits into shadow multiples, the true Galford determined by button press.

Strike Heads
Galford's ninja piledriver.

Triangle Jump

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