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World Heroes Series
a.k.a. Fuma, Fūma
Taskmaster (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3) says...
Hmph. Any money in pest control? Guess we're about to find out.
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Signature Moves
Art of Two-Stage Flight "Hien" / 二段飛びの術"飛燕"
A second jump in mid-air.

Triple palm strike.

DenkoShakuhi-no Jutsu
Quick rushing combo attack.

Double Reppu Zan / 大武流烈風斬
Two shurikens thrown at once for a larger projectile.

En Ryu Ha / 炎龍破
A rising uppercut accompanied by the image of a coiled dragon.

Fireball Slug Trick / 風魔忍法奥義 爆炎咆哮弾
Fuuma conjures up a massive wheel of fire that rolls across the screen.

KoppaMijin-no Jutsu
Fuuma dashes forward, grabs his opponent, and places a stick of dynamite in their mouth. He continues to hold them still until the explosion.

Ninpo Furin Kazah / 忍法風輪華斬
Becomes a human pinwheel and flies forward horizontally. Fuuma's wild and undisciplined nature causes him to shake up and down as well.

Reppu Zan / 烈風斬
A shuriken-shaped projectile.

Tomoe Drop "Shiranui" / 巴落とし"不知火"
Fuuma grabs the opponent and spins in mid-air before tossing him to the ground. A tomoe is a traditional Japanese comma-swirl shape.

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