Frieza / Freeza, Freezer Movelist

Akira Toriyama

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Super DragonBall Z
String Move
Combination B1
string ends with Frieza teleporting from behind and delivering a side kick
Combination B2
strings ends with a sweep
Combination A
Mecha Frieza kicks three kicks, and finishes off with an explosive tail whip
Special Moves
Flex Laser +
Laser with vertical homing capability.
Crack Bomb +
Repeat to detonate when the bomb is attached to opponent.
Frieza Cutter +
Mecha Frieza throws a buzzsaw-like blade of energy at his foe. It has some homing capability.
[Skill Tree] Missile Launcher / Rocket Launcher +,(split missile)
Frieza uses launches a large missile that will split into four smaller ones. Pressing attack button ...
[Skill Tree] Grenade Launcher +
Frieza fires grenade launcher mounted on his shoulder.
Super Moves
Death Ball +
Frieza raises his index finger, gathering a large ball of energy, and hurls it at his adversary.
[Skill Tree] DX Mines +
Frieza tosses a few mines in front of him with his tail.

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