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Dragon Ball Z Series

a.k.a. Freeza, Freezer
Akira Toriyama
Chae Lim (King of Fighters 2006, The) says...
The master often speaks of you and your abilities.
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Signature Moves
Combination A
Frieza kicks three times and whips with his tail.

Combination B1
string ends with Frieza teleporting from behind and delivering a side kick

Combination B2
string ends with a sweep

Death Ball
Frieza raises his index finger, gathering a large ball of energy, and hurls it at his adversary.

Destructo Disk / Death Saucer, Tsuibi Kienzan, Tracing Energy Circle Beheading
Frieza creates a thin, flat blade of chi and hurls it at his opponent. In some games, the blade homes in on the opponent.

Flex Laser
Friezas fires 3 energy attacks with vertical homing capability.

Frieza Cutter
Frieza throws a buzzsaw-like blade of energy at his foe. It has some homing capability.

Frieza levitates some large stones and sends them flying toward his adversary.

Round Dash
Frieza runs/fly in free move. While this move is activated, pressing the attack button will fire a succession of ki blasts.

Sonic Warp

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