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Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Throw Moves
Tomoe Nage +(close)
Ermac grips his opponent and falls backwards, kicking them away.
Command Moves
Elbow +(close)
Ermac strikes his foe with his elbow.
Special Moves
Telekinetic Slam / Force Lift
Using his telekinesis, Ermac lifts the foe into the air and slams them back down to the ground.
Teleport Jab / Force Port (air)
Ermac teleports off of the side of the screen and reappears on the other side with a jumping punch. ...
Hado-Star / Forceball
Ermac fires a large, green, star-shaped fireball.
Fatal Moves
Telekinetic Massacre (near)
Ermac uses his telekinesis to lift and slam the opponent over and over until they explode.
Hungry Frog (close)
Ermac transforms into a frog, leaps up and swallows the opponent whole.
For My Next Trick....
Ermac poses and the opponent begins to float. They disappear in an explosion, then Ermac causes anot ...
Uppercut Decapitation (close)
Ermac crouches in front of his foe and stands quickly, delivering a powerful rising uppercut that kn ...

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