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Signature Moves
Flying Sumo Press
Body splash.

Hiza Geri / Knee Kick, ひざ蹴り
Up-close two hit knee strike with panty shot.

Hundred Hand Slap / Hyakuretsu Harite, 百裂張り手
Honda batters his opponent with hands so fast they appear blurred.

Oicho Throw / 大銀杏投げ
After slamming his opponent to the floor face first, Honda flips over on top of them.

Saba Ori / さば折り
Mashable sumo bear hug.

Sekkan Kyaku / 折檻蹴り
Repeated knee strikes to the face.

Sumo Headbutt / Super Zutsuki, スーパー頭突き
E. Honda rockets towards the opponent, head first.

Sumo Smash / スーパー百貫落とし
Honda rises into the air flat, then down with a butt smash.

Super Killer Head Ram / 鬼無双
A succession of Sumo Headbutts.

Tawara Nage / 俵投げ
A basic sumo body toss.

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