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Signature Moves
Earth Gaddemu 2003
After landing an uppercut punch, Earthquake gleefully drills his opponent with his chain.

Earth's Thunderation Crunch / Earth Gaddemu
Earthquake begins grasping for his opponent several times (left and right movement can be controlled). If he manages to catch them, they're tossed into the air along with Earthquake's spinning blade.

Fat Bound
Landing from a jump, Earthquake bounces several times on his posterior.

Fat Breath
Earthquake breathes a long-lasting stream of flame directly in front.

Fat Burst
A slow-moving fart projectile.

Fat Chainsaw
Earthquake vanishes, then reappears as a ball of rolling slashing fury.

Fat Fake
Earthquake disappears in a puff of smoke but reappears in the same place, faking Fat Chainsaw, Fat Replica Attack, or Fat Carnival, as they all begin the same way.

Fat Replica Attack
A teleport bellyflop.

Toy Transformation
Triangle Jump
In spite of his girth Earthquake is able to use the traditional ninja wall jump.

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