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Throw Moves
Careful Catch
Grabs opponent's arm and spins them around.
Sweet Catch
Shifts behind opponent, wraps arms around their waist before performing a hold on them and slamming ...
Bitter Catch
Steps behind the opponent, then bends sideways and grabs the opponent, landing them down.
Basic Moves
Wild Kick (ss)
Sidesteps with a crouching low kick.
Wild Uppercut (ss)
Sidesteps and does a upward one-handed uppercut.
Backhand Catch
Uses backhand to drive opponent to the ground.
Short Knee +
Does a short knee strike, hitting the abdomen.
String Move
Lovely Attack
Does a combo consisting of a low palm attack, a back knife-hand strike, and finally, a roundhouse ki ...
Sly Punch Combo
Does two low kicks, then a back knife-hand strike.
Violent Combo
Does a mid kick, then a side kick, and finally, a mule kick
Muscle Combo
Does a 1-2 palm combo, then a low palm, and finally, a palm uppercut
Somersault Mistake ,
Same as Somersault Success, but failing to backflip.
Somersault Success ,
Rolls towards the opponent with leg extended, connecting overhead, then rolls backwards, kicking the ...
Special Moves
Gorgeous Finish
Kicks forward, directing backwards.
Strong Knee
Hops forward and knees opponent.
Marvelous Finish
Crouch-dashes forward and thrusts palm forward.

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