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Signature Moves
Blizzard Sword
Donovan summons a spirit that fires giant frosty flakes.

Change Immortal
Donovan demonifies and rushes his foe. Vertical movement can be controlled.

Dhylec Dives
Donovan surfs downwards on his sword; the angle is steeper the harder the @term=anykick@ used.

Ifrit Sword
A spirit does a flaming uppercut.

Kill Shred Call Sword
Donovan summons Kill Shred back to him, damaging the opponent during its flight. Switch to [w/ Sword]

Kill Shred Release Sword
Donovan shoves Kill Shred into the ground and it resides at a location determined by button press. Switch to [w/o Sword]

Lightning Sword
A summoned spirit bursts electricity before Donovan.

Press of Death
A giant spirit from above stomps at a location determined by button press.

Slay Shred
Kill Shred attacks independently of Donovan and assists in his attacks briefly.

Sword Grapple

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