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Masashi Kishimoto

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Basic Moves
Yellow Rush
Minato's primary attack is a speedy dash with yellow trails behind him, followed by a kunai strike.
Command Moves
Thunderbolt Blade (in air)+
Minato disappears in a cloud of smoke, then reappears slightly higher and closer than he was, diving ...
String Move
Lightning Flash (in air)
Standard air combo, but ends in a teleport to drop kick. If the opponent is grounded and close enoug ...
Shining Blade Flash ,+
Instant Rising Kick
Super Light Beam Kick +,
Cartwheel kick followed by slide, turnaround, and another slide.
Instant Thunder Blade +,
Minato rushes behind the foe and strikes them in the back with his kunai.
Rising Thunder Kick +,
Combo that takes the fight to the air.
[Flash Mode] Triple Flash ,+
[Flash Mode] Shooting Flash
Special Moves
Flash Mode
Minato becomes even faster (!) and has a few different String Moves.
Super Moves
Rasengan ,
Minato forms a sphere of energy into his hand and rushes forward, striking the foe with it. If charg ...
Yellow Flash of the Leaf ,
Minato chucks a handful of kunai around the arena, and instantly appears at the closest one, leaping ...
Flying Thunder God Jutsu ,,
Minato throws one of his kunai, which slashes the foe, and as it passes them, he instantly appears t ...

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