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Character Biography
Eye Color
Hair Color
White (Black in DmC)
Devil Hunter
Human/Demon (Angel/Demon in DmC)
Fighting Style(s)
In addition to his large sword and handguns, he can transform into a demon through his Devil Trigger ability. While transformed, he gains access to new powers.
While best known for his large sword "Rebellion" and his personally hand-crafted guns "Ebony and Ivory," he can use weapons from any place and time -- shotguns, dual swords, nunchaku "Cerberus", guitar "Nevan", rocket launchers, etc.

Marvel vs Capcom 3
Playable Character (Playstation 3 Release)
Portrayed By: Reuben Langdon
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Jam Session +
Jet Stream +
Crystal +
Super Moves
Devil Trigger +
Million Dollars +
Match Start vs. female opponent
How come I never meet any nice girls?

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