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Character Biography
February 19
Full Name
Tobirama Senju
182 cm
70.5 kg
Fighting Style(s)
As a Hokage, Tobirama is one of the strongest shinobi in history. His primary techniques revolve around the use of water, and is revered as the greatest water-jutsu user of all time. Tobirama also mastered taijutsu, and was seen to be incredibly strong. He also was the creator of the Edo Tensei technique, which reanimates a corpse as anybody that has passed on, that the user has chosen, and can control them. He barred this technique away as dangerous and forbidden, but many years later, it was used by some prominent villains from Konohagakure.
Tobirama famously wielded the Rajin no Ken, or Sword of the Thunder God. It was a katana with a blade made out of a solid bolt of electricity.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5
Hidden Character (Playstation 2 Release)

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