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Character Biography
Date of death
September 12, 1582
175 cm
Fighting Style(s)
She is proficient with kicks, having served under Yoshimoto Imagawa, who was also good at the traditional ball game "kemari". The quick and powerful strikes from her long legs make her a formidable rival for anyone who steps into the ring.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
DLC Character
Portrayed By: Yuka Saito, Erica Mendez
The graceful ruler of the Ii clan
The ruler of the Ii clan from Enshu that serves the Imagawa clan during the Warring States period of Japanese history. One day an experiement by Donovan's organization M.I.S.T. pulled her through space and time into the present day.

With no idea where she is or what happened to her, she approaches someone to try to get answers. But that so...
Match Start
I'm ready to fight!

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