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a.k.a. Crystal (Beta Name)
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Mitsuki (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4) says...
You were strong... I guess I still have a lot more training to do.
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Battle High: San Bruno
Playable Character (Windows Release)
Lie her older brother, Khai Phong, Mai Phong is a strong, aquatic elemental. Last year, Khai challenged the school's self-appointed guardian, Jiro ozawa, to a fight, but was defeated. Ashamed at his lost, Khai became obsessed with training and was no longer the brother she remembered,. Soon after, she met Jiro's younger brother, Shinji. The two qui...
Special Moves
Glacial Dagger +
Icy Spear +
Aquakinetic Spiral +
Super Moves
Cold As Ice +
Arctic Urchin +
Mai crouches down and sheds her ice coating in the form of large icicles around her.

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