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Character Biography
The Rivals
Fighting Style(s)
Full Name
Christopher Morgann
6' 11"
Intelligence like a...
Rational, honorable, loyal
189 lbs.

Battle High 2
Playable Character (Windows Release)
Portrayed By: Steven W. Hunt
Christopher Morgann, or Heavyweight to most, wasn't discouraged when The Rivals were disbanded by Shinji's lost to his brother, Jiro. He was still friends with Shinji, a bit distraught to see his friend spiral into the depression he did; however, when peers began losing their powers, Heavyweight became intrigued. He never asked for his powers and o...
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Exploding Punch +
Blazing Dash +
Blazing Punch
Half-circle Back
Explosive Energy +
Super Moves
Rapid Fire Assault +
Win Quote vs. Bryan
Is that mask supposed to be threatening?

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