Zack (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round) says...
Your heart's gonna be all mine, baby!
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Street Fighter X Tekken
Playable Character (Playstation 3 Release)
Exclusive to PlayStation 3 and Vita versions. Sony mascot.
Two Dimensional Justice
A cat that has been around the block a couple of times. Kuro possesses knowledge on a wide variety of miscellaneous topics, and loves games, the occasional adult beverage and the company of beautiful women.While staying up late at night playing games, Kuro unexpectedly awakened the Devil Gene within him naturally. Kuro dreams of a future where he c...
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Slaughter Hook +
Slaughter High Kick +
Devastator +
Demon God Fist +
Becomes Devil Beam upon full charge.
Devil Beam +
Win Quote vs. Cammy
Hehehe, Cammy is head over heals for me! Woohoo! I love being a cat!

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