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SNK vs Capcom Series
a.k.a. Rockman Zero (Japan), Megaman Zero
Haohmaru (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
You've got to fight, for the right, to live!
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Character Biography
Maverick Hunter
Fighting Style(s)
Has great physical ability as well as excellent skills with a variety of weapons. He is able to learn the abilities of the enemies he defeats and add them to his existing arsenal, making him even stronger than before.
His primary weapons are the Z-Saber, an energy sword, and his Zero Buster, a weapon capable of firing energy shots.
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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Hidden Character (Wii Release)
From MegaMan X series. Exclusive to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Stars.
Portrayed By: Ryotaro Okiayu
Zero is a member of the Maverick Hunters, a group that hunts down renegade Reploids known as Mavericks. He is one of the top hunters and has earned an A rank. He is easily distinguished by his crimson highlights and long, blonde hair. His weapon of choice is the Z-Saber, a sword with a blade of concentrated energy. This powerful weapon can be cha...
Win Quote
Checkmate. You're all out of moves.

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