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Character Biography
Ruler of the Universe
1991 (this was when he took form on Earth)
Personal quote
May there be maximum excitement in my endless life.

Night Warriors
Playable Character (CPS2 Release)
Portrayed By: Nobuyuki Hiyama
Born on Planet Hellstorm, Pyron was granted ultimate power in order to take over the universe. As such, the order of the universe would dictate that everything and everyone in existence must submit to Pyron's authority, which would mean that beings like the Darkstalkers cannot be permitted to exist. As an intelligent lifeform composed of pure energ...
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Sol Smasher (in air)+
Galaxy Trip +/(air)
[Guard Cancel] Zodiac Fire +
Super Moves
Cosmo Disruption +/
Win Quote (remaining life: low)
If your power were equal to your spirit, you would be most formidable.

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