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Character Biography
Full Name
Takuma Sakazaki
The Invincible Fighter
The True Master of Kyokugenryu Karate

Art of Fighting
Boss Character (Neo Geo Release)
Playable in arcade versus mode if a second player challenges during Story Mode and Mr. Karate has been reached.
Portrayed By: Takayuki Sakai
His real name, age, and everything else about him is shrouded in mystery, and his face is kept hidden behind a demon's mask. Known as the "Invincible Fighter", his identity has remained a total mystery due to his powerful fighting skills. Is it possible that this living legend may one day be defeated?
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Hien Shippu Kyaku +
Koho +
Zanretsu Ken +
Haoh Sho Ko Ken +
Koh Oh Ken +
Win Quote
Come on! I'm gonna cure you of the disease called life.

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