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Character Biography
Fighting Style(s)
Mantis, Shaolin Fist
Shaolin Monk
Battle Axe, Broadsword

Mortal Kombat Gold
Playable Character (Dreamcast Release)
Many believed that Kung Lao had died from injuries suffered during the final fight against Shao Kahn. In fact he merely turned to a new life without violence in reverence to his ancestral beliefs. As news of Shinnok's threat reaches Kung Lao together with the apparent return of Goro, Kung Lao returns once more to challenge his ancestor's killer....
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Hat Throw
Wind Teleport
Whirlwind ,
Fatal Moves
Precision Hat (far)
Automatically decapitates (no aiming).
Hat Boomerang (near)

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