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Character Biography
Hair Color
Watching movies
Captain Blue
High School Student, Young Hero
Fighting Style(s)
His VFX Power gives him abilities similar to camera effects seen in movies, such as the ability to slow down everything on screen.
Utilizes various weapons, including his Voomerang and Shocking Pink Bombs. With his beloved Six Machine, an aircraft capable of transforming into a robot or a cannon, he is ready for any battle.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Hidden Character (Wii Release)
From Viewtiful Joe series. Only available on the Wii versions. Unlocked from the start in Ultimate All-Stars.
Portrayed By: Shinji Kawada
Joe transforms himself into the invincible superhero, Viewtiful Joe, and battles enemies to save Movieland, a place of movies. He expertly manipulates VFX Power, a super ability which contains camera tricks such as Slow Motion and Zoom. With these amazingly beautiful tricks,
he thrashes his enemies “viewtifully."
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Red Hot Kick (in air)
Voomerang (air)
Super Moves
Mach Speed
Slow & Zoom In
Joe's Super Meter must be at Level 3 to perform this move.
Desperado (air)
Win Quote vs. Morrigan
Sorry lady, but I've got too many older, bat-guano crazy women in my life as it is!

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