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Super Street Fighter 4
Playable Character (Xbox 360 Release)
Portrayed By: Toru Okawa, Lee Everest
Gouken is Ryu and Ken's master and elder brother of the dreaded Akuma. He practices a branch of Ansatsuken that differs slightly from the one he taught to his students Ryu and Ken.
Desperation Moves
Denjin Hadoken (hold)
Ryu is completely dedicated to his journey of self-improvement. Ken shows great flexibility in his dealings with what comes his way. Their personalities could not be more different, yet they got along so swimmingly during their training. After so many years, their relationship remains strong. Yet I draw no satisfaction from simply observing them. How I long to engage them in the ring once again. It is time to go. I've heard tell of the myriad of young fighters emerging these days. And I also hear that a tournament is being held to assemble the world's greatest. Perhaps this will give me a chance to see how far my dear pupils have advanced. I shall test their strength myself.

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