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Character Biography
Hair Color
Freelance Investigator
Personal quote
"I've covered wars, you know"
Fighting Style(s)
Has a number of professional wrestling moves at his disposal. He's also covered wars, y'know. His tough spirit lets him survive under even the most extreme conditions.
While he doesn't have a specific weapon, he can utilize objects in his surroundings, such as golf clubs, benches, bicycles -- basically, whatever he can get his hands on.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite
Playable Character
Frank West
Frank West is a photojournalist famous for covering a zombie outbreak at a shopping mall and rescuing its survivors. This experience taught him to utilize objects in his surroundings as deadly weapons. Moreover, he’s got a knack for professional wrestling. Frank’s positive attitude regardless of the circumstances makes him a valued member of the re...
Match Start vs. Spider-Man
Hold still, I can shoot you better than Parker does!

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