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Full Name
Chin Liu
164 lbs.

Way of the Warrior

Pre History
Chin Liu is a model martial artist. Sound of mind, body, and heart, the young Liu quickly grew in skill and finesse, eventually earning an apprenticeship at the Beijing Opera House. Here he began training with other prodigies under the best masters that China has to offer. Graduating first in his class, two classes early, Chin Liu's rapid kicks and punches, as well as a smattering of seemingly superhuman skills, earned him the nickname "The Dragon."

After graduating at 16, the Dragon toured the world competing and teaching for three years, then began a promising career as a movie star. The Dragon has starred in "A Kick Before Dying," "Naked Punch," "Close Encounters of a Violent Kind," and some of the "Blood-Fisted Kickboxer" series (I, II, III, V, and VIII).

Recently, during the shooting of "A Kick Before Dying II: Kick Me If You Can!", the Dragon barely survived an attack by the Ninja, who had been hired by the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, to settle a royalty dispute pertaining to the Japanese release of "Close Encounters of a Violent Kind."

Although above revenge, the Dragon would not mind a fair fight with the Ninja in order to "show him the error of his ways."