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Character Biography
Age (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
Birthdate (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
March 24
Birthplace (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
Blood Type (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
Favorite Food(s) (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
Whipped cream puffs
Height (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
150 cm
Measurements (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
99/58/91 cm
Occupation (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
Weight (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
45 kg
Fighting Style(s) (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
Honoka takes her favorite moves copied from various sources and fighting styles, and combines them into a unique style which she calls "Honoka Fu". Since her physical condition is that of an average teenage girl, her moves may not always have the same power or reach as the fighter she learned them from. In her Hissatsu-no-Kamae stance, however, she is imbued with an unbelievable strength and becomes capable of techniques she has never seen from any other fighter.
Hobbies (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
Watching pro wrestling matches and martial arts movies; taking hot baths

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