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Character Biography
75 (as of Tekken 5)
Blood Type
Eye Color
Hair Color
White (once black, later grey)
Japan (Citizenship revoked by the Japanese government)
Fighting Style(s)
Heihachi is a practitioner of Mishima Style Fighting Karate. Although it is unknown who originated this style, it is used by Heihachi's father, Jinpachi, so it was not Heihachi who founded it. This sub-branch of traditional karate is rife with flashy, showy moves that normally would be restricted to sport or film karate.

The only blood member of the Mishima family to never use the style is Heihachi's illegitimate son, Lars Alexandersson. Heihachi's grandson, Jin Kazama, used it one point, but abandoned it for full-on traditional karate. To date, the only practitioners of the art have either been blood relatives of the Mishima line, or alternate manifestations of one (such as Devil and Angel).
Explosions, Jack robots, Jin, Kazuya, Jinpachi
Meditation, bathing, collecting shoes, playing with Kuma
His geta collection (Tekken 2), Ruling the world (Tekken 3)
None; formerly Head of the Mishima Financial Empire
In SoulCalibur II, Heihachi's arm braces are considered weapons. The default are known as Kiaiissen, said to have been forged from traditional Japanese armor.

Tekken 7
Playable Character (Arcade Release)
Portrayed By: Unsho Ishizuka
"You fool! I am invincible!"
The original leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and the fighter known as the "King of the Iron Fist."

Heihachi continues to fight for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu against his son, Kazuya, and his grandson, Jin.

After having recovered from the injuries he sustained in the suicide attack on him from the G Corporation's Jack units, H...
Match Start
The infernal blood of a devil!

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