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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Series

a.k.a. Dio Brando
Hirohiko Araki
B. Jenet (King of Fighters 11, The) says...
Well then, I'm outta here. Care to come along?
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Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: All-Star Battle
Unlockable Character (Playstation 3 Release)
Unlocked by beating Phantom Blood Story Mode chapter
Portrayed By: Takehito Koyasu
Sample Movelist
You weakling! ,
Dio grabs the foe and drains their health into his. Mashing any attack increases duration.
Special Moves
KUA! +
A roundhouse which can be followed up with other attacks.
5 or 6 broken ribs! +
Two knee strikes.
Super Moves
[Level 1+] Space Ripper Stingy Eyes! +
Dio fires a beam surrounded by rings from his eyes.
[Level 2+] A cruel death awaits you! +threeattacks
Dio hops toward the opponent to grab and freeze them. If successful, he will beat on them for a bit, ...

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