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Character Biography
Empire City, U.S.A.
Bike Courier
The Amp

Street Fighter X Tekken
Playable Character (Playstation 3 Release)
Exclusive to PlayStation 3 and Vita versions. Guest character from Infamous series.
Portrayed By: Eric Ladin
Is this man a hero, or a villain?
In a flash, Cole became a man with the power to wield electricity.
Able to fire electric-based attacks from his hands, this hero is shrouded in a tempest of electricity, and can mow down anyone who opposes him.
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Thunder Drop +
Shock Wave +
Becomes Ionic Vortex upon full charge.
Shock Grenade +
Amp Combo +,,
Ionic Vortex +
Cole sends his foe spinning and shocking through the air with a giant electric tornado.
Win Quote vs. Rolento
You're no different from a Reaper, trying to exploit others for your own gain. I don't like it.

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