Demitri Maximoff (Vampire Savior) says...
However desperate you fight, my victory does not change.
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Street Fighter 4
Playable Character (Arcade Release)
Portrayed By: Daisuke Egawa, Christopher Bevins
Dhalsim is generally a pacifist, an Indian mystic who only fights when he is forced to and will deviate from his nonviolent beliefs if his village is in danger. Although he looks hard and serious, he is very caring. The skulls he wears around his neck is in remembrance of the children in his village that died during a plague. Dhalsim is a long-rang...
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Yoga Blast +
Yoga Flame +
Yoga Fire +
Super Moves
Yoga Inferno +
Desperation Moves
Yoga Catastrophe +
Win Quote vs. Gouken
Is this a dream? An illusion? Hurry and show yourself to those who seek you.

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