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Street Fighter 4
Hidden Character (Arcade Release)
Portrayed By: Toru Okawa, Lee Everest
Akuma's brother, Gouken is the legendary martial arts master of Ryu and Ken. After training with his brother under Goutetsu and learning the unnamed assassination style, the siblings separated. Gouken rejected the Satsui no Hadou side of the fighting style and developed his own additions, removing the killing power of Hadouken and Shoryuken, turnin...
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Tatsumaki Gorasen +(air)
Moves horizontally when done from the air.
Gohadoken +
Throws two fireballs when EX'd.
Kongoshin +/
Reverses incoming attacks.
Super Moves
Forbidden Shoryuken +
A multi-hit Shoryuken
Desperation Moves
Shin Shoryuken +
A multi hit shoryuken, if it hits early Gouken performs a slightly different significantly more dama ...
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