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Dragon Ball Z: Butoden Series
Supreme Kai
a.k.a. East Supreme Kai, Kaioushin, Higashi no Kaioushin
Akira Toriyama
Tekkaman Blade (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom) says...
My hatred and anger for the Radam is the only thing that fuels me!
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DragonBall Z: Ultimate Battle 22
Playable Character (Playstation Release)
Portrayed By: Yuji Mitsuya
Your movements are super-fast - make the most of them to follow one attack with another!Ruler of the Kais, you have come down to Earth to prevent the resurrection of MAJIN BUU. A single attack of yours is nothing special, but the speed and lightness of your legwork make it easy for you to run rings round your opponent like a butterfly and sting lik...
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Special Moves
Quadruple God Kick +
Shockwave +
Renzoku Energy Dan +
Super Moves
Energy Push +
Gods Assault +

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